Rental Rates / Combo Deals

WE OPERATE ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAYS. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US FOR WEEKDAY RENTALS AND ALL HOLIDAY RENTAL BOOKINGS. **Additional surcharge will apply to all Holiday Rentals **Pricing for large events (Festivals, Corporate Events, Church Functions, Schools, Day Care Centers, etc.) may differ slightly, due to additional staffing requirements necessary for crowd control and occupant safety. Please call, email or text us for a quote.

Mardi Gras Parade & Multi-Hour Rental Rates

One Hour - $225

One & 1/2 Hour- $275

Two Hours- $350

Two & 1/2 Hours- $425

Three Hours- $500

Three & 1/2 Hours- $575

Four Hours- $650

Four & 1/2 Hours- $725

Five Hours- $800

** 3 hour minimum rental is required for multi-hour discounted rates to apply. No exceptions. Please call, email, or text us for details. $100 deposit is required for all multi-hour rentals 3 hours or longer